Loiter Squad Wiki


Loiter Squad is a American sketch comedy reality television series starring Tyler, The Creator, Taco Bennett, Jasper Dolphin, Lionel "L-Boy" Boyce, and Earl Sweatshirt from the famous alternative hip-hop group, Odd Future. The show premiered on March 25, 2012 on Adult Swim and aired for 3 seasons until it officially ended on July 17, 2014 as it was confirmed by Tyler, the Creator that the show wouldn't be returning for a fourth season. 


The show is about Tyler, Jasper, Taco, Lionel, and Earl doing man-on-the street segments, various skecthes, pranks, and with music made by the members of Odd Future. Also footage from their special performances and their yearly carnival.


  • Tyler Gregory Okonoma (listed as Tyler Haley) aka Tyler, the Creator
  • Davon Wilson aka (Jasper Dolphin)
  • Travis Bennett aka (Taco Bennett)
  • Lionel "L-Boy" Boyce aka (L-Boy)
  • Thebe Kgositsile aka Earl Sweatshirt (season 2-3)


  • The show's original title was "Blackass", but was used as a sketch.
  • The show is a combination of both Chappelle's Show and Jackass.
  • Earl Sweatshirt was added to the cast in season 2.
  • The show's logo was changed in season 3.